Choosing a Search Engine Optimisation Service

Choosing a search engine optimisation service isn't an easy process. Maybe the SEO company you're looking at shows some results that it has achieved, maybe not. After all, publicising these results often only results in increased competition. Maybe the SEO firm appears high up in the search listings but - much the same as the warning on stocks and shares - your results may vary.<br> <br> Given that it takes time (usually quite a few months) for you to find out whether or not an SEO campaign is working, are there any indications you can use when choosing who to use to get you higher up the search results without paying Google an arm and a leg every time People Per Hour SEO Services - so much as click on your link?<br> <br> If you've had a recommendation from a friend or colleague that's a good place to start. You'll know first hand what results have been achieved. You'll also have a good idea how competitive their firm is. There's a world of difference between getting a website highly ranked for a relatively uncompetitive term that's only searched for locally than for a competitive national or international search term. So you need to make sure that you're comparing like for like. If the person recommending the SEO company to you is in a similar sized business with a similar amount of competition then you're closer to a "yes" answer.<br> <br> The next part of the process is finding out what methods the company uses to promote you in the search engines. Especially after the recent Google Penguin update there are a number of methods that have been found to be counterproductive. Some companies have found that the good results they were getting have suddenly evaporated, suddenly leaving them with few - if any - enquiries from them their website. That's not a good place to find yourself in and without a reasonable amount of knowledge about the SEO industry it's unlikely that you could have predicted this even a couple of months ago.<br> <br> Which is a long-winded way of saying that you need to quiz your short-listed SEO company to find out the methods that they use to help promote your website. If they hedge around the answer that's usually a bad sign. If they come up with all sorts of things that you don't recognise then that may or may not be a bad sign. You may need to do some research to find out what those methods actually involve and then take a view as to whether it's something that Google may or may not approve of.<br> <br> Working out what Google likes isn't easy. The announcements they make are typical big company ones that err towards the side of what they'd like you to do or not do rather than what they actually take account of. George Orwell would have been proud and some of the statements given out even sound like Newspeak.<br> <br> On balance, I think that you should err on the side of caution. Automated techniques should be given extra inspection and anything that involves getting hundreds or thousands of backlinks in a short space of time is definitely worth avoiding if you actually care about your website. So take the time to check what your search engine optimisation service uses in this regard.
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