Sharing Love - How to Show Unconditional Love to Others

Love is such a wonderful feeling. We all want to experience it on a deep, unconditional level but most of us don't. The reason being, is because we don't show that kind of love to ourselves.<br> <br> We must show people how we want to be treated by the way we treat ourselves.<br> <br> Loving yourself unconditionally starts with knowing yourself very intimately. You must know what you like, what you hate, what you love, what inspires you, what frustrates you, what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.<br> <br> Knowing these things will help you live your best life possible. Think about it, if someone or something drives you completely mad, wouldn't it be nice to know? Wouldn't it be nice to know that the work your doing makes you feel unfulfilled and dead inside?<br> <br> This is valuable information. Information that could save your life. Or at the very least it could help you shape your life's outcome by helping you decide on what direction you want your life to ultimately take.<br> <br> Sharing love and הזמנת נערות ליווי - showing others unconditional love begins and ends with you. Get to know yourself on a deep and intimate level and you'll be able to share that kind of love with the world.<br> <br> Not just a few people. That kind of real, unconditional love lights up everyone you come in contact with. It radiates from you like a glowing beam of light.<br> <br> Once you discover what really makes you tick you'll be on the right path to experience life to its fullest. Here's a little exercise to get you started. Take out a piece of paper and make a list of everything you like, love, adore, admire, and appreciate about yourself.<br> <br> List everything that comes to mind. Even the small things that don't feel significant right now, because they are.<br> <br> Make a second list of all your dislikes. List every person, place or thing that creates anger, frustration or sadness in your life.<br> <br> Use this information and start filling your life up with more of the things that make you happy and joyful inside and out. And also start eliminating the people, places and things that steal your happiness from you and leave you feeling depressed or sad.<br> <br> It's not worth it to live your life based on other's expectations, perceptions and rules. It's time to show yourself unconditional love by treating yourself with kindness, respect, courtesy, generosity and humility.<br> <br> Sharing love with others will be significantly easier once you learn how to love yourself unconditionally. Once you take the time to really get to know yourself inside and out you'll be a whole new person. You'll laugh more, feel better, and enjoy a higher quality of life.
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