Why Dog Treats Won't Help You To Get Your Service Dog Certification

I'm positive you've noticed this before, and you may do it yourself all of the time. Get a dog bone and hang it in front of your pet as you simply tell him or her exactly what to do. Roll over, play dead, sit, speak and I'll present you with this treat. Of course your dog will probably obey. They really want that treat. If you hang a peanut butter cup in front of me, I'll play dead as well and roll over too. Does this signify I am trained to roll over? Or does it simply suggest I really love peanut butter cups? Any time training for your service dog certification you are very best served to leave the doggie snacks behind you. The key to successful service dog training would be to help make the dog respect you. This can not be completed if the dog just looks at you as a supply of doggie snacks.<br> <br> We constantly suggest utilizing a compliment strategy whenever training your dog. However, praise could be as simple as a verbal acknowledgement, or even just a pat on the head. In the event that the dog obtains a treat every time she or he follows a command, then you haven't earned the dogs respect. You have turned your canine friend directly into a spoiled pet.<br> <br> Remember that your dog needs to learn who the authority figure in the partnership is. A relationship where almost all you do is supply treats for obeying commands, doesn't illustrate any authority. One other reason making use of dog treats like a training tool isn't the greatest idea, especially for service dog certification, is you won't always have them together with you. Service dogs need to know when they're working and in the event that they've been trained to react to get a treat, just what may occur whenever you don't remember to bring them from home? All of a sudden your dog is unhappy with you for not really treating them right after following a command and ultimately will no more follow that order. In certain rare cases, dogs could become troublesome in public areas since they're not really getting the treat they feel they've earned. The final and most obvious reason behind not necessarily utilizing dog treats - http://www.fidosbowl.com/ while performing service dog certification training is that it may have an adverse effect on your own dogs health.<br> <br> Just like humans, dogs are not designed to snack heavily during the day. If you happen to be giving your dog a treat each and every time they comply with an order, they'll be adding some really serious calories to their diet regime. You would like your pet to obey you increasingly more as training goes on, however, if the more they comply with you, the more they eat, you're developing a health risk for your dog.
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